Prints for Sale!

I know, i know, it’s long overdue but it’s here! You can finally have my prints on your wall and show them off to your friends.

In celebration of this special occasion, you can get $5 off and free shipping on any art prints if you click on this link. It’s only until tomorrow midnight so get to it!

marwhy said: This is such a great cover aha

Thanks Marley! Means a lot coming from you °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Happy Friday!I recently finished ~*~my first zine ever~*~ which has been on my to-do list for the longest time now. Thanks to my comics class for the feedback and motivation. Can’t wait to do more of these for fun in the future. This will maybe(?) probably(?) be on sale at TCAF.
Some noses and mouthsI really like the texture of the pan pastel on bristol when it scans O_O I’ll use that for something later.
Drew a keyframe from the script of Paranorman.
The Lich’s Lair from Adventure Time featuring giant skeleton guards!!
I’m at that point in the school year where I’m just really tired and the $8 chicken katsu and a strawberry banana smoothie are the only things keeping me sane. Here’s a painting where I attempt painting soft/hard/lost edges. Boop!
Tatemae is a Japanese term meaning “the reality that everyone professes to be true, even though the individual may not privately believe it.” 
Don’t mind my partially made up Japanese. It was a lettering project and some Japanese letters looked like the English alphabet…..