dottianne asked:

yooo your dating app illustration gif is so good!! i just wanted to say tho that online dating doesnt tend to work so well for queer ladies? cuz straight guys get so invasive they dont become very popular. that struck me right away about your illustration. also, in your description, it should be saying Grindr not Tinder?

Thanks Dot! I know what you mean. In my research i found that Tinder’s still faulty when it comes to matching those in the lgbt community cause a looot of straight dudes pick the female + female match hoping to hook up with lesbian girls (stupid) and the options in the app are still pretty limited (male/female) which might not be specific enough for some people. Honestly I did think of Grindr when I made that gif but I had already planned to animate a person swiping left/right, a functionality the Tinder app is known for. I don’t think Grindr works the same? I’m not too sure. The project wanted us to envision queer spaces in our technological world so I decided to make this safe space for queer ladies in the form of a fictional mobile app that worked like Tinder but wasn’t Tinder. Definitely no room for invasive dudes in that gif! Haha. I’m happy to have gotten that message across and i’m especially glad you like it <3